README for libdmtx version 0.1.0 - April 22, 2006

Version 0.1.0 is strictly a toy.  It is not intended to be used
for real applications because:

   * It will crash
   * It may even hang your system
   * The API and ABI will change five minutes after I write this

The only thing it's good for right now is running the included
gltest program to visualize how the test images are scanned and
decoded.  And even that isn't very solid right now, but it's
still kind of neat.

Be warned that this is experimental code whose main purpose is
to test the underlying math and algorithms.  It is not currently
designed for cleanliness, stability, or performance (although
they will ultimately be of primary importance in the long term).
I am still trying radically different approaches to solve various
problems, and I have a habit of throwing away entire sections of
code.  To spend too much time tweaking and polishing code right
would be wasteful.

Having said all that, please give 0.1.0 a test spin and let me
know about your experience.  Did it compile?  Did it run?  Any
suggestions?  All feedback is welcome to

Mike Laughton