Release Notes for libdmtx version 0.7.4 - June 2, 2011

Version 0.7.4 introduces big structural changes designed to make
libdmtx useful for a wider audience. In practice this involved
rewrites for 2 of the 3 major project components: The encoder
and the Reed Solomon code.

These changes shouldn't change how libdmtx appears to calling
programs, but hopefully the overall project will become more
useful to developers who previously couldn't use it for a number
of reasons. Some of the changes include:

  * The core library (not including command line utilities or
    wrappers) is now distributed under a permissive BSD license.
    This detail is important for people developing on certain
    closed platforms.

    Dragonfly Logic also now offers a license waiver option,
    which had been a stumbling block for organizations in certain
    industries wishing to avoid disclosure of implementation
    details for security reasons.

  * Revision control has been transitioned from SVN to Git, and
    is now broken up into libdmtx, dmtx-utils, and dmtx-wrappers.
    Code in the latter two repositories is still distributed
    under the LGPLv2.

  * The new encoding logic is better organized than the old
    version, and it fixes some corner case bugs that would have
    been difficult to address previously.

  * Professional support is now available for organizations that
    want assistance, pre-built binaries, or priority response to
    problems. See for details.

As always, please let us know if you find any bugs or have
trouble installing the software. Messages should be sent to the
open mailing list: